The point of the blog

So the goal behind this whole thing is to share some sober and a few drunk experiences I’ve had in other countries with everyone. My name is Nick and I started traveling quite frequently in the past few years,20171117_184438 I’ve seen a lot of awesome places lately and I cant believe I’ve waited till I began my 30’s to do so. Mostly I like the beach and islands but since I live in Colorado I will be adding some mountain stuff too. My great traveling partner (and awesome girlfriend) is Sharon. She’s the best, and we have a great time together. I think she gets annoyed by me all the time but she’s pretty good about it. Here’s a picture of us slightly to the left. Unlike me, she actually has an important job so I typically spend the time seeking out our the vacation destinations. I think she’s just happy to get a break from her busy schedule. I’ve been to a few foreign countries now and I’m trying to see a bunch more. There’s just so many I’d like to check out I find it hard to narrow it down to just one. Lately we’ve spent some time in Belize. It’s been my favorite place I’ve been so far and I will probably spend a good amount of time posting about it. They have good beer there.

So what I plan on doing with this thing is adding the occasional post with some travel pictures, places to drink beer, info about the area, places to eat and grab some beers, and some things to check out (while drinking beers). If you’re like me, you’ll really like the simplicity in the lifestyle that islanders and beach-dwellers live.

First I gotta figure this damn wordpress program too, so if my posts look like crap, please bear with me. I would imagine no one is gonna read any of this junk for quite a while anyway, I hear blogs are hard to draw an audience.

Next post: Probably some island stuff!